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Well, this should actually be named "Goodies" or "Downloads", because you can't buy anything from here, but you can download some additional stuff here.

Anyway, this is the place for downloadable goodies. Here, we've got wallpapers, designs, and the like for you to use. And, since this is licenced under CC-BY-SA, you're allowed to put some of these designs on shirts for yourself (provided you give me credit, of course)!

More items will be added to the store soon!


J.G. Wallpaper (desktop)

J.G. Desktop Wallpaper (3072x1727)

Size: 374.7 KiB

J.G. Wallpaper (mobile)

J.G. Mobile Wallpaper (1727x3072)

Size: 241.6 KiB


J.G. Sticker

J.G. Sticker (297x341)

Size: 28.4 KiB