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Hosting Video

by Jon H. - Created 8/3/2020 - Last updated 8/3/2020

After announcing my channel deletion on Thursday, I think it's time I put more focus on my website now. Becoming independent has its advantages and disadvantages, like everything else. For example: hosting videos on your website.

One of the main reasons I paid for a Neocities supporter account was because of the ability to upload any file type on here. This way, I can host some of my old videos. But the problem with digital video is that the file size is huge, for a small website like this.

One needs to take into consideration the details of the Neocities supporter plan. With a Supporter account, you're rewarded with 3 TB bandwidth and 50 GB disk space. 50 gigs sounds like enough space to last a lifetime, but when you want to host a few videos, that storage starts to add up quickly. And Neocities themselves reccommend against it:

"MP3 music and MP4 video has similar problems, because if the uploaded content became very popular ("goes viral"), it would overwhelm our servers and make our bandwidth much more costly. And hosting rich-media content directly is almost never the best way to do it. Soundcloud provides a great way to host music, and Youtube does a very good job with taking your video, processing it, making sure it works on all browsers, and then provides an easy way for you to embed that content in your web page."

Hosting my videos on YouTube would sort of defeat the purpose of me leaving YouTube - to not have to depend on Google's servers. With that said, I've been contemplating hosting my videos on the Internet Archive. But then again, hosting my videos on would defeat the purpose of having this website - to be independent. On top of that, it might cause some conflict when someone tries to save this website in the Wayback Machine, as the Internet Archive would be saving the same video(s) multiple times. But hey, when you've only got 50 gigs of space, desperate times call for desperate measures. So expect my videos to be hosted on the Internet Archive sometime soon.

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say in this post. Thanks for reading!