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Fleshing out the site!

by Jon H. - Created 7/6/2020 - Last updated 7/6/2020

You might notice that I've added three new pages to the top menu recently - Toons, Characters, and Webcomics.

The Toons page is fully up and running with some videos from my YouTube days. Next I'll be working on the Characters page so you know who's who. And, for one, I'm really excited about the Webcomics.

I've also been working on RSS feeds for my blog posts. I decided I wanted to create the RSS feeds by hand (special thanks to these tutorials). The good news is, it actually worked! Unfortunately, it just displays a summary of the post and links back to the site, which in my opinion completely defeats the puropse of RSS. I'll try to make the feeds display the entire post and not just an excerpt.

You may or may not notice this, depending on how you access my site, but I am now officially a Neocities supporter! I purchased a Visa $20 gift card today and used it to pay for the Supporter account, so it should last me for the next 4 months. With the supporter account, I have more 50 times more storage than a free account, and I now have the ability to upload more than just pictures and HTML files! If you're considering starting a website, then you should really go with Neocities. They're the best.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm so excited to see what this website will become!